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Golf Fitness and TPI

In recent years, many sports have utilized sophisticated technology and data to maximize athletic performance. In golf that is obvious with the advancement of club technology and the use of launch monitors. Another critical aspect to improving your golf game is ensuring that your body is capable of optimizing the golf swing. That’s where TPI comes in.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is an organization that has utilized the improvements in modern technology, combined with a thorough understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing to help golfers maximize their abilities. Golfers are put through an assessment that examines strength, mobility, and motor control at key points throughout the body as well as a swing analysis that identifies any limitations that can then be addressed through targeted exercise.

TPI offers credentialing that can be obtained by professionals in golf, fitness, and health care fields. There are three different tiers that are obtained through numerous hours of continuing education with the final tier being in-person instruction at TPI headquarters in Oceanside, California. Recharge founder Dr. Tara Jaeger is currently a level 2 medical provider for TPI.

For more information check out TPI’s website or contact us to learn more about what a TPI Golf Fitness assessment can do for your game.

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